Best way to Clean Sterling Silver


What’s the best way to clean my Sterling Silver jewelry?

Sterling Silver jewelry dulls over time due to two main factors: Tarnish and filmy residues left on the jewelry by body oils, cosmetics, body lotions, soap scum, cleaning products and other sources. So cleaning your beautiful jewelry is most effective when you eliminate both sources.

Filmy residues can be removed with a mild detergent & water, usually. Badly caked on “goo” sometimes also needs some help from a soft brush (a soft toothbrush works well).

Tarnish on Sterling Silver jewelry is caused by oxidation. The oxygen comes from exposure to air and air pollution like sulfur contributes to the process. The most effective and gentle means of removing tarnish that we know of is the Tarnish Away™ product. It uses electrolytic action to separate the tarnish from the silver and move it (through water) to a magnesium plate in the base of the soaking tray. The stuff that causes tarnish is more attracted to Magnesium than it is to Sterling Silver, and the water lets it “float away”.

We know you have LOTS of questions about a product that you are going to use with your valuable Sterling Silver jewelry, so we provided a list of answers at Tarnish AwayProduct FAQ

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